Group Dynamics in a Business World Essay

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Group Dynamics in a Business World
Tammye Bass
MGT415: Group Behavior in Organizations
Dennis Lauver
January 30, 2011

Group Dynamics in a Business World The knowledge of group behavior can affect the way one performs in a group setting. Group dynamics is the scientific study of behavior in groups (Johnson and Johnson, 2009). A group is two or more individuals who have interaction with each other to achieve a goal (Johnson and Johnson, 2009). Many businesses depend on the high productivity that groups generate. In some organizations today, a valued employee is one who has the ability to work successfully in a small group or team. The knowledge of group dynamics is needed to be successful in a career. By examining
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The process of acceptance is when individuals promote mutual goals accomplishment as a result of their perceived positive interdependence (Johnson and Johnson, 2009). This results in communicating and understanding one another’s perspective and raising one’s self esteem. Any positive recognition for things done correctly or in a timely manner will promote similar performances (Maddux, 1986).
The positive relationships promoted by cooperative efforts among members of a group will result in increased cohesiveness (Johnson and Johnson, 2009). The performance of a team can be improved when team members provide feedback on how things are being done. In John Maxwell’s book, Laws of Teamwork, he explains the Law of the Scoreboard. The feedback is essential in the following ways: understanding, evaluating, decision making, adjusting, and winning. Maxwell states that the team can make adjustments when it knows where it stands in accomplishing the goals.

Sometimes there are many goals that need to be accomplished. For time and cost purposes, it is better to split a group into smaller teams and assign fewer goals. The result would be a team that is more focused on their mutual goals.

The church where I am employed used this method in the planning of a rummage/bazaar event. There were many different tasks that needed to be accomplished. So the chair of the

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