Group Culture Impacts The Dynamics Of This Group Essay

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Group culture impacts the dynamics of this group as they progress through Tuckman 's stages of development. While jurors share common values and beliefs about certain issues, the group is divided about others. Juror 3 for instance, believes that it is an open and shut case. He takes the matter quite seriously and is adamant that the defendant is guilty, which ten other jurors initially agree with him about. Juror 8 shares this seriousness by expressing concern about the weight of the decision and wants to discuss it in depth. While most of the jurors share an understanding about the seriousness of this task and their role, Juror 12 expresses excitement about not sitting on the jury for a boring matter, and Juror 7 focuses on reaching a consensus as soon as possible so that he can go to a baseball game. The differences among jurors and how they value the seriousness of this group impacts the group dynamic. Additionally, their beliefs about the case leads to many conflicts in the storming stage, including Juror 3 expressing a desire to enforce the death penalty himself while Juror 8 argues for fairness for the defendant. The opinions of those who believe the defendant is guilty and those who believe he is not guilty divides the group. A significant cultural difference that impacted the group is the prejudice and racism expressed by Juror 10 towards the defendant and people from the 'slums ', contrasted with the membership of Juror 5 who belongs to that…

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