Essay about Grit, By Angela Lee Duckworth

1343 Words Apr 4th, 2016 6 Pages
What is grit? No, not the small pieces of sand and stone, but the trait that many of us are oblivious to. Grit isn’t something you can purchase at your local grocery store, but a quality that is acquired through determination and perseverance. In the Ted Talk, “The Keys to Success? Grit”, Angela Lee Duckworth goes on to explain in depth the meaning of this complex characteristic. She states, “Grit is passion and perseverance for very long term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in and day out, not just for the week...Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” I find her words to mean that grit requires you to be devoted to a project, for large periods of time, and staying committed to something despite the problems that may come your way. An individual who demonstrates grit has an unstoppable drive. To me, grit is determination, striving for your goals with a burning passion, and never settling for anything less than what you had put your mind to. Those who follow such a path will fulfill a successful life. The words of Duckworth and the idea of grit can be connected to, and found in, my life, the arts, and the world around me.

There are various circumstances in which I personally demonstrated grit, one being following a poor mark on a grammar quiz. The new marking period had just begun, and I found myself doing exceptionally well. Although, when I received the grade for our first quiz I was flabbergasted. I…

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