Katniss Tribute

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After a war, North America was split into 12 districts and the nation was called Panem. Katniss lives in one of the poorest districts, District 12, and after her father’s death, she is put through a very difficult time in which she is forced to learn how to survive not only for herself but for her family as well. With the help of her friend Gale and the hunting skills she learned from her father, Katniss is able to keep her family fed and safe. An annual event, The Hunger Games, was created by the government to prevent any uprisings in the districts. Each year two tributes from each district are chosen to participate in a fight to the death. When her sister Prim is chosen as a tribute for the games, Katniss feels she has no choice but to volunteer in her place. Peeta, the boy tribute chosen from district 12, is wealthier than Katniss and has had few interactions with her before the games. Once the government has selected tributes from all 12 districts, they must report to the capitol. Katniss and Peeta begin their training with Haymitch, a former victor of the games and their mentor. The skills Katniss picks up in district 12 prove useful for competing in The Hunger Games; however, Katniss is still faced with an impossible, fateful decision. Through the use of characterization, Suzanne Collins is able …show more content…
For example, in chapter one, Katniss states that Gale is the only person she can be herself with (6). Also, in chapter one, Katniss explains that her and Gale both have had trouble feeding their families and that they now help each other to make sure they get enough food (13). Gale plays a significant role in keeping Katniss’s family alive while she is in The Hunger Games. For example, in chapter three, Katniss tells her family about a pact she made with Gale and that he will help them to find food and gather medicine for them while she is in the games

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