Greystone Bakery Eth316 Essay

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A Successful Social Enterprise

A Successful Social Enterprise
Ethical issues can strengthen both people and the community. Businesses in the community will generate a much more loyal following if they behave in an ethical manner with regard to the community. In this paper I will describe the ethical issues and how those issues may be used in organizational and personal issues, and the association between legal and ethical issues shown in the film, Greyston Bakery. The bakery has operated since 1982 and employs convicted felons and homeless people. The company places the profits into a nonprofit foundation that benefits the entire community (CBS News, 2009).
Film Summary The film is about Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, New
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Pressures Relevant to Personal Issues Personal issues relevant to the company are commitment and integrity. These are just two characteristics demanded of employers. Greyston Bakery hires people who may lack these qualities but desire to have them. A person applying for employment at the bakery is not just looking for work but also for way to change his or her life. The company uses an apprenticeship program for employees (Greyston Bakery, 2012). The employees start out doing menial tasks and as their abilities and knowledge grow so to do their responsibilities. The company eases a person into this new life slowly. With the influence the bakery will have to make sure that they abide by all rules so they can keep helping the community. The company sacrifices maximum profits in exchange for doing what it considers is its ethical duty to the employee and community.
Relationship Between Legal and Ethical Issues
The major legal issue that concerns the bakery is the fiduciary responsibility of the board of directors and CEO has to the company and the employees. The board and CEO must balance the vision of the founder with the realities of business. The company cannot make a donation to the foundation unless it remains profitable. The bakery is a for profit business not a nonprofit entity. If it were, there are numerous government regulations

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