Essay about Gregg V. Georgia Case

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Gregg v. Georgia 428 US 153 (1976)
History: The case of Gregg v. Georgia originated in the state of Georgia. The case originally took place in the Georgia Supreme court where the petitioner originally pleaded guilty to the charges brought against them. From there the petitioner challenged the decision and said the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment under the eighth and fourteenth amendments. From this stage the case was then heard by the United States Supreme Courts. The United States Supreme Court, however rejected Gregg’s claim and confirmed the decision made by the Georgia Supreme Court that Gregg would be sentenced to death. Facts: The petitioner who brought up this particular case was by a man named Troy Gregg. The petitioner had been found guilty of murder and armed robbery back in 1973 in and had received the death penalty as his sentence. It was claimed that Mr. Gregg had been picked up by two strangers with his friend in Florida on the day of November 21, 1973. While still in Florida they picked up another hitchhiker, but he was dropped off not too long after in Atlanta. The other four men continued on their way, however a short time later they decided to stop at a rest area in North Carolina to rest. The next morning the two men (Simmons and Moore) who picked Gregg and his friend up, bodies had been found in a ditch near the rest area. Gregg and his companion were arrested sometime after. Gregg’s companion told police that Gregg told him he was going…

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