Essay about Greenhouse Gas Pollution And The United States

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Greenhouse Gas Pollution in the United States Whether we like it or not greenhouse gas pollution is inevitably increasing in the United States; negatively affecting all of our daily lives. How many American citizens drive a car? Roughly 34 percent of the nation’s households own at least one car, and every-time a person drives it releases about 24 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. That is just one example of greenhouse gas pollution, and there are an innumerable amount of other different ways these dangerous gases are emitted. The United States, a well developed highly populated country, is currently in the world’s top ten greenhouse gas polluting countries. While Americans are only making up 4 percent of the world’s population we contribute to more than 25 percent of Carbon Dioxide pollution from fossil-fuel burning (“Largest Emitters of CO2 Worldwide 2015). So why do we use these fossil fuels instead of renewable energy? because non-renewable energy is cheaper than renewable energy and more reliable; it is also difficult for Americans to switch from these dangerous fossil fuels to renewable energy resources because we have been relying on these dangerous fossil fuels for generations. These treacherous gas emissions are polluting our country, and are inevitably increasing, so it is clear that we cannot continue on this path. Solutions to this problem include utilizing wind power and cutting back our reliance on fossil fuels.
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