Global Warming Article: Is Climate Change Man-Made?

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Meghan Gallimore
Professor Williamson
English 110
6 November 2015 Is climate change man-made?
Americans make up four percent of the world 's population, we produce twenty-five percent of the carbon dioxide or CO2, pollution from fossil-fuel burning, which is by far the largest share of any country noted. Global warming is the average and rising of the earth 's temperature on the surface. Earth 's average temperature is increasing at a significantly higher rate and is proven to be because of human activities. Environmental factors such as melting ice sheets, temperature rise, ocean acidification and sea level rise have been proven to be caused by the global warming epidemic. The environmental factors affect animals and humans living on
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In Al Gore’s, An Inconvenient Truth, there is a graph giving the Co2 concentration and temperature dating back to 650,000 years ago, “at no point in the last 650,000 years before the preindustrial era did the carbon dioxide concentration go above 300 parts per million.” the reason carbon dioxide is so crucial is because once it has entered the atmosphere, it never leaves. When Co2 levels begin to increase so does earth 's temperature because the heat from the sun is trapped inside the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide emission into the atmosphere is caused by a plethora of events such as the over use of, coal, oil, utility. These are just the basics we use everyday. In another chart from the Mauna Loa Observatory have records on file that are maintained by C.D Keeling and fellow associates back in 1958. During the time period of 1958-1986 there was a vegetation increase of approximately 700 billlion tons in the atmosphere. This chart demonstrates the constant rise of the carbon dioxide release to our atmosphere. The consequences are unforgivably immoral. If the people who continue to abuse these resources, it will diminish generations to …show more content…
As the climate changes our health risk increases from the occurrence of wildfires, heat waves, hurricanes and floods. Union of Concerned scientist from the Climate Hot Map write, “higher temperatures are also the most influenced by human behavior: the fewer heat trapping emissions we release into the atmosphere, the cooler we can keep our planet.” If the temperatures continue to rise in the summer it can cause an excess amount of deaths due to heat waves. When rain patterns are changed and the heat is at a high celcius amount it can cause droughts and wildfires. Tragedies such as these affect our health, but it is also the human 's fault these phenomenons are happening by polluting the earth and essentially clogging up the

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