The Pros And Cons Of Global Warming In America

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From the twentieth century, the United States has been heralded as the leader of progressive ideas and working for the right of all countries, but America falls flat when it comes to climate control. For far too long America has been the consumer of more gas per capita and producing more carbon emission than any other country (Lefton, Rebecca, and Weiss, Daniel). For a country that is known for being the technological center of the world, it is far behind most countries on this topic. It is time Americans take control of this problem at every level to ensure that future generations will live in the same healthy ecosystem as today. Global warming is the current buzz word to describe the climate change currently experienced by the world today, …show more content…
Americans are the leading consumers of electricity per household. Today, a single household in America consumes 1.5 times as much as the French, 2.2 times as much as the Japanese, and 2.6 times as much as the German family (Before the Flood). These numbers are staggering when it takes into account how much coal it takes to power a single household in America and the amount of damage burning that coal has. Another factor in the production of carbon emissions into the atmosphere is the beef industry. Beef is the principal reason for deforestation in the current world, thousands of acres of forest are cut down daily to create grazing lands for cattle, this lowers the amount plant life to absorb carbon and fix back into organic matter. Cows are also the leading producers of methane, which is a far more destructive than carbon dioxide, and yet Americans are the primary consumers of cattle in the world. The citizens of the United States are not the only ones that are wasteful and produce high amounts of greenhouse gas. Massive fracking oil companies are creating huge amounts of emissions by digging down and dragging the oil out; this causes irreversible damage to the land and the global climate. Although it is true that China has taken over as the largest emissions producer, it is more important to look at the whole picture. Since 1850 the United States has accumulated twenty-seven percent of all the carbon dioxide emissions in the world, this is more than the entire European Union has emitted. A lot of emissions is a worrying trend for Americans as they are the ones who will be most affected by global warming. If current trends continue then America can see a rise of twelve feet or more in sea level, this is due to Americas unique geographic location. It is poetic than that the world 's largest producer of greenhouse gasses through history will be the most

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