Essay Greek Mythology : Zeus The Punisher

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Introduction In Greek mythology, Zeus was known as the god of the sky and weather, or the sender of thunder. He overthrew his father, Cronus, and became the supreme leader of the gods. His golden throne was on the highest summit of Mount Olympus showing his superiority and respect from all gods and mortals (Mortal kings would boast that they were descendants of Zeus). While his well known weapon was the thunderbolt which he hurls at the ones who displeases or defies him, he also possesses a shield, the Aegis, which lets him release all natural phenomena of the sky or air – for example hurricanes, storms, and intense darkness. On one hand, he is known as Zeus the Punisher; but also known as Zeus the Peacemaker. Almighty Zeus was known for Justice because he was thought to be all-knowing, observes the affairs of men, governing all, and rewarding the good while punishing the evil; but also known for his display of love – a source from his wife, Hera. Even though he was married to his sister Hera, goddess of marriage and monogamy, he was infamous for his many love affairs with goddesses and mortal women. Zeus’ character traits are often regarded as wise, fair, merciful, and prudent; but he is easily angered. The violent storms and thunder that wreak havoc on Earth is often referred to his anger. The “Zeus Protein Powder” is a product designed for people who wants to be fit in the shortest amount of time possible. It is easy to use, cheap, and the results are outstanding. The…

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