Greek Mythology : A Center Point Of Hope, Strength, And Love Essay

1361 Words May 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Jayden king
Greek mythology
29 march, 2016

Greek Mythology one base of our religion

Religion has always been a center point of hope, strength, and love in our history. Religion has given us hope over the centuries always something to turn to when our lives get too hard for us to handle. People being who they are, and human nature being what it is, we will find a way to misuse it. What can be used to be a focus for strength and hope now we’ll turn it to hatred and fear. For instance, when those using it to mask their cruelty towards others with what they believed their god had given them the right to do, many men throughout history have used religion to justify their actions. Always saying one religion is better than another, hating people for their beliefs, hating them for who they are. People seem to forget that our religions started so close to others. After doing some research, it will be apparent just how close religions really are. Since the beginning of history there has been disagreements on Human origins or on how the world was created, but if someone took a closer look at how each religion says how human beings got their start, it would be surprising to know that even with the distance between these early cultures they all seem to have the same basic idea on how the world came into being. This idea can even be proven with our scientific capabilities, Every story began with an entity forming the earth out of nothing piece by piece, Slowly…

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