Greek Culture Research Paper

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Greece, one of the most influential countries of the world, has come up with many inventions that are still used today. Tragically, many of these concepts were lost when the Romans burned the Library of Alexandria, but there were copies of some of the information. Still, much of this valuable information was lost pushing back innovation. Not only have the Greeks brought forth many great ideas, they have also influenced other cultures. An example of this is the classical Greek architectural designs seen in government buildings. They influenced the origin of words that we use today, Military strategies as well as religion through the spread of Orthodox Christianity. Although Greece might have had an important role in ancient time spreading
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This includes language, religion, sports, food, and architecture. The Greek language is one of the oldest languages. It has been around for an estimated 34 centuries(in-text citation). The language that the Greeks use today is different from what the ancient Greeks used, such as articulation and spellings of words. They went through different phases based on influences from other nearby cultures, such as the Mycenaean, Archaic, Hellenistic, and Byzantine(in-text citation). Not only did the language go through different phases, so did the Greek religion. It started with a polytheistic faith which consisted of many gods such as Zeus, Athena, Hades, but as the christian religion began to spread by word of Jesus’s apostles, Greeks converted to the Greek Orthodox faith. Now 98% of the Greek population is Greek Orthodox and the other 2% is Jewish, Islamic, and Roman Catholic(in-text citation). Greece's religion also influenced one of the worlds greatest sporting events. The Olympics were created by the Ancient Greeks to please their Gods but also promote peace across the country. The Olympics first started in 787B.C. and the Modern Olympics started on April 6, 1896(in-text citation). There is a big difference between the ancient and the modern Olympics. One of the major differences is that women weren't allowed to watch or participate. They also don't have the same games they had in the ancient Olympics such as the Pankration. The …show more content…
Some changes beneficial, some not so much. Greece has changed from one religion to another, having a booming economy in the past to have more than a quarter of the population under the poverty line now. No matter what happened to Greece it never vanished. Greece has gone through Civil Wars to the World Wars. Some wars lasting a few days to 4 centuries. Although Greece may a small country and not as influential as it once had been, Their people are still very proud and strong. Without Greece, there would be no math, no science, no medicine, no democracy. The Americans looked back at the Greeks and used their idea of education, democracy, military strategies and architectural designs. Without Greece, the world would be a different place then it is

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