Greek Civilization : Ancient Greece Essay

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Greek Civilization Greek civilization has led us to where we are in today’s society. We incorporate the language to this day and the Greeks also formed democracy. Greeks also used tools that we use to this day. First, I will address the question, ‘How do you explain the development of such an extraordinary civilization by the Greek?” Second, “Do you think much credit belongs to some sort of Greek “spirit,” or were geographic factors more important?” Last question is, “Should Greek civilization be considered superior to Near Eastern civilizations, or simply different? How do you evaluate this?” First, in ancient Greece, this civilization cultivated during the beginning of the Archaic period to the end of antiquity. After this period was the Early Middle Ages, which included the Persian Wars sought out by Alexander the Great. Alexander The Great controlled Macedonia and after the Persian Wars then controlled Central Asia all the way to the end of the Mediterranean Sea. The development of the Greek’s extraordinary civilization was merely due to their capabilities of working together to defend themselves and they learned how to trade with people of their culture and outside of their culture. One item was important to the Greeks when it came to trading and that was olive oil. They mainly focused on producing olive oil, textiles, vases, and metal goods for their exports. The many islands that surrounded the coasts gave them the idea of seagoing trade. Also, the rocky soil and…

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