Ancient Greece: Oligarchy, Monarchy And Democracy

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Ancient Greek societies had their fair share of political powers, its rulers and the systems that came with it. In a nation that is considered the forefathers of western culture, it is fascinating to see the various forms of government that people in this society faced on a daily basis. Of course there was often cause for strife in these forms, and each of them served as a building block for its various government system. Specifically, monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny. oligarchy and democracy in these
Greek city-states helped shape each cultures in their own respective way. While some tend to vary strongly in their ways of ruling, many tend to show similarities which only minor differentiating factors. These forms of government we
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This was particularly common in Athens, and offered those who were "fit" for the position to be elected, which usually included the upper class thinkers and philosophers, rather than the lower class of the military. This form of government often collided with others forms of ruling, specifically the well renowned democracy that Athens was famous for.
In democracy, the ability to vote and have the public have an input towards the ruling class was the main idea. As mentioned previously, this system was developed in Athens and worked with other systems that were already put in place. With democracy, common Greek men who were not slaves had the ability to vote for candidates in their states that they felt would make suitable leaders (Beck, Hans
2013). In this form of government, women were not included in the votes.
Tyranny was the idea of having a ruthless ruler, that had little control over the population and did not necessarily act in the best interest of its people. The society that was faced with a tyrannical leader often did not last, as the people would revolt. This can be seen in Sparta who often removed leaders that did not appeal to them (Ehrenberg, Victor. 1969) . However, Tyranny does not always have

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