Greece : The American Of The Ancient World Essay

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In terms of scientific, philosophical, and cultural influence, Greece was the American equivalent to the ancient world. Their influence was far-reaching, impacting nearly every country on the eastern Mediterranean. However beneficial their influence was on the political and artistic realms of the nations surrounding it, their worldview was predominantly pagan as their main religion was polytheistic Hellenism[1]. Their beliefs were often very loosely-based on biblical truths, but more often religious lies bred by cultures that drifted further and further from God after the Flood. This perversion of truth caused the view of an artist to be distorted in the eyes of the viewer, but more importantly, it drew the viewer away from the truth that God made them in His image, loved them, and sent his son to die for their sins. Their views toward artists were also very convoluted, either seeing them as people with god-like abilities or as scoundrels who needed to be controlled and monitored, never trusted.
Just as with most actions taken by a nation, art reflected the moral and religious beliefs of the Ancient Greek culture. As previously mentioned, Greeks believed in Hellenism, a religion that focused on the worship of gods who were descendants of the Titans, a group of superhuman beings who were defeated by Zeus, the leader of the gods, with the exception of one Titan Prometheus. He made creatures to fill the earth and was particularly fond of the humans he created, stealing fire…

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