Characteristics Of The Greco-Persian War

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The Greco-Persian wars were a big thing. Seriously. We all think that the Greeks were so great, but really the Persians had a bigger navy, a bigger army, and a less non-existent air force. So in other words, the Persians were pretty much superior numbers-wise.
Greeks only had heavy infantry, whereas the Persians had heavy infantry, light infantry, cavalry, (It was a big thing at the time) and archers. The Greeks had this giant decorative helmet for scaring the other side off, that a blacksmith specially made for them, a totally muscly chest plate that a blacksmith also specially made for them, a pair of calf guards that was not specially made, and a 3-foot shield called a hoplon. They used an 8-foot spear and a shorter stabbing sword. These
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This left the right side of a phalanx weak, so the Greek commanders took special care to protect it. This strategy was, all in all, very effective, and the Hoplites got extremely good at this. They could turn, run, backup, or do pretty much anything else in phalanx formation. This was quite impressive because the Greek armor weighed 70lbs, and they had to do it all together in perfect formation, because otherwise they would fall apart and their long spears would impale their comrades.
Persia’s first major king was named Cyrus. Cyrus was a glorious Persian conqueror who expanded Persia to a third of the world. Before Cyrus the Great, Persia was just a teeny little place in the middle of nowhere. E.g. where Iran is now. Cyrus raised an army and conquered all his neighbors, conquered his neighbor’s neighbors, so on and so forth, and in doing so became a world power. Cyrus reigned from 559-530 bce. First he conquered the Meads, then he conquered the Lydian Empire because his camels smelled weird to the horses, and went on to expand into the Neo-Babylonian
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It swirled around and around peacefully until one day, it got lonely. It created Gea, the earth. She loved to come into less primordial form and walk upon her surface. Alas, she got lonely too. After all, there were just plants. So she created animals. The animals couldn’t talk, though, so she begged chaos to create another primordial god for her. Her wish was granted, so along came Ouranos, the sky, and the sea. After that, chas got a little creation happy. It created tartarus, the pit, put stars on Ouranos, and created a bunch of minor gods. Gaea and Ouranos fell in love with each other, and the married. Gaea had some babies, the 12 original titans, and Ouranos loved them. He begged her to have more babies. So she had the three original Cyclopes, but their father thought they were hideous. He flung them into the pit of Tartarus. After that, Gaea and Ouranos pretty much

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