Graphic Designer Career For The Isearch Paper

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It seems to be getting harder for teens to choose a lifetime career for themselves. Especially for someone like me, who is skilled in many subjects and has many interests. I decided to go for an important job that incorporates a design element, and has a good outlook. I am choosing to focus on the Graphic Designer career for the ISearch paper, because it is a job that I would possibly like to pursue, and it is something I am interested in.
Graphic design is a mixture of elements like creativity and technology to make graphics, advertisements, and many other types of media. A graphic designer’s job is to communicate with clients and develop visuals based on their needs. They work with text and images, determining the exact color, font, size, and look of the graphic. Graphic Designers are the ones who create diagrams and graphs of statistical data. They commonly make logos for companies or promotions. “Combining graphics, text, logos and colors into one attractive design can become a powerful boost to the business,” according to . “However, it also depends on how good the design is. After all, the visuals that graphic designer creates are used as promotion or even brand recognition.” Graphic designers have a very important job, one that requires a lot of training. To become a graphic designer, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in a related subject. Some of the most popular majors include Graphic Design, Illustration, Communications, Web Design and…

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