Graphic Design: A Career In The Field Of Graphic Design

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Career Exploration Paper

For someone who works in the field of Graphic Design, they wouldn’t call it a job, It’s more of a hobby if you are truly passionate. It lets you explore your creative side and let’s you see what you can create. You’re always doing something different, it’s never the same thing. That’s what interests me the most, a lot of jobs have the same kind of routine. Thinking about how I would need to do the same thing over and over again just makes me sick. Even though it isn’t the best job when it comes to pay, it does come with a lot of freedom for when you want to create something different. The reason why I think I can succeed in this field in because I hate being like everyone else, I like to see what is different and create my own style of things. I really hate when someone likes the same thing as me, because then I feel like I fall into a category. I feel like I would be able to create some
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I have listed 3 of the type of designing I would be interested in. A graphic designer who designs for companies, or who designs logos. Would get paid roughly $53,000 a year. A video game designer would make $81,000 a year. Those kind of designers go through more training and more time in order to do what they do. Animation is one of the key things that they have to master in order to be in the field for video game designer. Some of them create the backgrounds or the the movement of a character. There is a lot of details that go on with a video game designer’s job. The last one is Cinematographer, they get about $48,000 a year. They are more focused on the art of making motion pictures. For instance, movie directors or music directors well try to film with different angles or effects. This will make it different than other films. People can make a film look good with high quality and different angles and it seems way better than someone who is just filming random

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