Graffiti : Art Or Not? Essay

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Graffiti: To be Art, or not to be? Whenever you take a stroll through downtown, anywhere, old buildings and alleyways are stricken with spray painted works. The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that art is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”. The painted works draw your attention and can create feelings of peace, danger, wistfulness, merriment, sadness, or even anger. No matter what you may feel about the body of work, you are left with a feeling and memory of such work that stays with you for a life time. As you look deeper into each piece of art work you realize it calls to something, within us humans, which has been there since the dawn of man. We, as humans, use art to express our feelings and what is transpiring around us. Graffiti has long been thought of as the work of hooligans, riffraff, and criminals that utilized dark and secluded areas to create their works of art. As time has passed graffiti has evolved from vandalism to a sought out art form. As time has passed humans have craved to create. We did not just create weapons and fire but art. “…graffiti has been an art form since the first prehistoric man/woman made his/her mark in a cave” (Beem, par. 2). The rudimentary man used his fingers as his paint brush and cave walls as his canvas. He depicted what was around him every day, told his story, and gave future humans a glimpse into the past. I was not aware that the true…

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