Graffiti As An Art Form

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There are many different views on graffiti as an art form. From artists that make a living off of it to the many people that consider it to be pure vandalism. The conflict here is the beauty of most graffiti in comparison to what many would consider just a way to ruin the current more respectable forms of street art. This originated as a way for someone to get a certain message out to “…the widest cross-section of the population” (Riechers) but has evolved into something on its own completely. Whether the view is vandalism or artwork, graffiti as a whole will always be found on walls across our nation. Though this very unique art form, whether you consider it that or not, is sometimes frowned upon. It is quite beautiful if done correctly. …show more content…
Graffiti has notoriously been associated with gangs and although not all of it is gang related, it is a primary way that gangs mark their turf. Graffiti as vandalism can leave dwellers of a neighborhood living in fear, with graffiti traditionally, like mentioned before, comes crime and gang activity. In many major cities across the world owners of property are required by law to remove graffiti. Imagine how owners of property feel by having to one, deal with the graffiti in the first place, then have to remove it on their own dime as well. One can look at this issue just in the state of Arizona just to put this into perspective. Graffiti here in the state of Arizona has been an issue for a while. In 2013, Phoenix spent $2.2 million on graffiti removal just in the fiscal year. The state government has now passed laws to make it easier to collect some form of reimbursement if and when the police catch these vandals. House Bill 2571 in Arizona is what was passed to make this happen. “…allows for economic costs to be recovered in graffiti cases, with certain restrictions especially in regard to juveniles” (Welcome). Graffiti writers will always be the first to say that it is a victimless crime, though one example of someone who thinks otherwise is Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County judge Lester G. Nauhaus as he states “There are

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