Graffiti As An Art Form Essay

790 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
There are many different views on graffiti as an art form. From artists that make a living off of it to the many people that consider it to be pure vandalism. The conflict here is the beauty of most graffiti in comparison to what many would consider just a way to ruin the current more respectable forms of street art. This originated as a way for someone to get a certain message out to “…the widest cross-section of the population” (Riechers) but has evolved into something on its own completely. Whether the view is vandalism or artwork, graffiti as a whole will always be found on walls across our nation. Though this very unique art form, whether you consider it that or not, is sometimes frowned upon. It is quite beautiful if done correctly. Though graffiti as art has always been found in the more urban areas of this country, it isn 't always exactly what people think of. Most typical passerby’s in any city would just consider this type of street art as an eyesore, but one must think that to the untrained eye this is how most art represents itself. While tags are the most popular form of graffiti, graffiti as a whole is much more than that. It can range from a “colorful mural with a message of diversity or a black and white stencil piece protesting police brutality” (Sanchez). Either of these representations can make a statement. For example the calligraphic graffiti that originated in the middle east; it started out as a way to get the message out to the people of all walks…

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