Graffiti : An Art Form Essay

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Graffiti is an art form. According to the oxford dictionary art is defined as “The expression or application of creative human skills and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” Graffiti is both illegal and an artform. Art is art regardless of legal statue. According to Eric Felisbret author of “Graffiti New York” , “... The debate about whether graffiti is an art or a crime is pointless because, ideally, it is both. The state of something being illegal does not change the fact and definition of what that illegal act or expression may be. Graffiti is an illegal art form that has an emotional connection with the artist and its viewers , portraying power and expression.

Graffiti exists in two variations, bombing and burning. “Bombing” is a volume based, meaning that a graffiti artist will attempt to present their artform on as many buildings, bridges or walls as physically possible. “Burning” is a form of graffiti that some say has the most meaning. It takes hours to complete and is associated with higher risk due to the time and patience it takes to complete a piece of graffiti. Both are still considered illegal, it only depends on whether the artist was given permission by owner or landlord. According to law there is no formal difference between a skilled work of art or an intentional act of vandalism. Although with laws being enforced , graffiti is still widely…

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