Graduation Speech : The Optional Ra Submission Essay

732 Words Aug 28th, 2016 3 Pages
The optional RA submission was my opportunity to cut down the redundant parts of the essay which made it wordy and burdensome. After receiving good comments from Syrus and you on the RA final draft, I wasn’t sure if I wished to submit my RA essay again. However, when I read my essay after submission, I felt that my most important message was not being effectively communicated as I was trying to prove several claims at once. I was able to resolve this problem, by one of your advice during the office hours where you suggested that I should try to limit myself. Even though I knew what I am supposed to do to improve my essay but I wasn’t sure how I could achieve that. This is where your suggestion to turn over to Michelle Massé’s essay proved beneficial. My first step while revising the RA essay was to find out an appropriate spot to introduce Michelle Massé’s essay. For this step, the first paragraph would be the most appropriate choice. Since the first paragraph focuses on Rosemary’s Baby’s summary introducing Massé in would disrupt the flow of the essay from the beginning. Thus, I decided to open my second paragraph by introducing Michelle by highlighting one of the iconic messages of her essay. This step relieved a great deal of work from my shoulders. Now, I had the liberty to explain my message without explaining Michelle’s ideas as my readers already know she is a well-published author in the field of the gothic. During this process, I also trimmed out the parts in…

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