Graduation Speech : The For The Mercy Of Their English Teachers

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Any mention of the word “essay” in an Archmere English class usually results in groans of feigned enthusiasm as students begin to ponder the daunting task ahead of them. Only a week or two and several drafts later, they submit their completed essays and pray for the mercy of their English teachers. After school at practice, cross-country runners hear the word “race,” and a similar response ensues. Every practice thereafter, whether a hard workout or a long run, counts toward their performance about a week later on race day. English students may not find themselves dripping with sweat after finishing their essays, but they encounter the same test of stamina that cross-country runners face during a race, from the moment they begin brainstorming to the final revision. In both cases, the toughest challenge lies at the start of the essay or race, where participants must transition from a world of relaxed class discussions or practices to one of constant pressure and high expectations. Even with intense preparation, writers and runners can only improve by constantly striving to avoid mistakes and recall strategies from previous essays and races. The processes involved in writing Archmere English essays and running cross-country races demand equivalent endurance through exhaustive preparation and consistent effort. In drafting Archmere English papers and competing in cross-country races, individuals must exhibit ample endurance because both activities require extensive…

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