Graduation Speech : The English Student Essay example

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The English Student

It was a Tuesday morning during the third period when I met my Sophomore English teacher, Mrs. Carol Hughes. I started judging her thinking that she didn’t know how to teach since she taught at a high school considered ghetto. During class, I was usually disruptive and Mrs. Hughes had so much patience that she wouldn’t say a word. She kept calling me to answer questions about pronouns, adjectives, and nouns. I remember leaning back on my chair as if I was the instructor dictating the class. The last question she asked, I answered correctly. She looked at me and said, “Very well, I see that you know what you are doing in class.” I was extremely confused since I didn’t know if she was sarcastic or giving me a compliment; she was ambiguous. She then told the whole class to write about an experience, good or bad that has impacted our lives.

When the class was done writing, she called each and one of us individually to talk about our paper. It wasn’t until this assignment that I knew how writing would get so personal when it’s about oneself. I wrote about my childhood best friend, Kathleen Salazar, who passed away when I was in the seventh grade. I wrote about how it made me feel agitated not having her around me. Even if I only knew her for two years, it felt as if I knew her ever since my life started. I wrote about the pain and the anxiety I felt when I found out that she was diagnosed with cancer. I remember writing about how I…

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