Graduation Speech : Technology Management At Georgetown University

794 Words Jan 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Before joining TopClick Strategies as an account executive in 2008, technology played a central role in my personal life – from computer applications classes in middle and high school to my enthusiastic adoption of social media and the smartphone somewhat later. Professionally, however, technology has become one of my most important focuses as a manager and marketer at my current organization. After beginning my time with TopClick Strategies as an account executive, which involved selling and explaining packages of marketing approaches for small businesses across the country, I was promoted to a role in social media marketing. Several years later, I was promoted to a role that was even more tech-oriented, which primarily gave me oversight of all digital marketing efforts and digital services at TopClick Strategies. As I look to build on these roles and experiences, the graduate program in technology management at Georgetown University is my best option to grow more comfortable with the high-tech. It may also prove to be a crucial launching pad for a new career in technology consulting as my career goals change and mature. My first experience with managing technology in the workplace was as the social media manager at TopClick Strategies, where part of my job description included not only managing the social media marketing team, fostering collaboration between team members and departments, and efficiently meeting our clients’ outreach goals. One concern within the team was…

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