Essay on Graduation Speech : Steve Jobs

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Have you ever wondered why your life plays out the way it does, and wonder where you are going to end up at the end? In this essay I will be talking about the very encouraging commencement speech that Steve Jobs addressed in 2005, to the Stanford University. He breaks his speech down into three stories. I will be breaking down each one as to what he was saying to the graduates, followed by my opinion of what I thought of it. I will begin with his first story that he opens up with, he was a drop out. Giving his commencement speech was the closest that he had gotten to graduation. He goes into talking about how he was adopted. His biological mother was an unwed collage graduate. However, she wanted him to have well educated, college graduates for him as parents. Therefore, everything was in place for him to be adopted before he was born. His adopted parents wanted a girl, but they got a call in the middle of the night asking if they wanted a baby boy instead, they replied,” of course.” Unfortunately when his biological mother got the news that they were not college educated, she denied to sign the papers. The adopted parents promised her that they would make sure Steve Jobs would get a college education. She agreed, and signed the papers for the adoption. At the age of 17, he entered a very expensive college, using up all his parents savings. After about six months, he grew tired of his classes, so he dropped out, but stayed around to drop in some of the…

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