Graduation Speech : Single Parent Essay

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First, I would sit down with the student, to get feel of what issues are getting in the way of in excelling in school. If the student say’s it is too hard to work fulltime, raise children, and attend school. I would try to encourage the student by telling them that I grew up as only child with a single mother; it was only the two of us. She worked two jobs one was a night shift as a nurse, the other was cleaning houses during the day, and plus she went to school. So as a child I had to do my part around the house. I would explain to the student, as single parent you will need help from your children around the house to find time to study.Futhermore I would explain to the student, that my mother personally started showing me things to do, and then she would let me do it. I remember one time when I was little she taught me how to make the bed. She showed me how to pull the entire sheets off the bed so they could be washed and dried. After they were finished she showed me how to put the sheets, blankets, and pillow cases back on the bed. Then after she was done finishing making the bed, she would take everything off and would have me remake it. She did this with a lot of things over the years, because she knew she would eventually need help as life got tougher. Additionally I would sit down with the student and the counselor to determine what assessments are needed and what evaluations are needed. Assessments are the process of gathering information about student…

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