Alienation In America

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What is it like to have a grown up as an alien in the United States and how has it affected you?

Through the years I've incurred tremendous changes in how I view society; spurred on by the alienation I felt due to my legal status, the thirst for knowledge I possess, and my idealistic ambitions as well as positivity. Alienated as a child, I've always felt different, as if I didn’t belong. This can likely be attributed to language and cultural barriers in my early childhood when I arrived in the United States as well as knowing the disturbing fact; that I was undocumented, from the age of seven. This original alienation proliferated as I got older, due to the hate-mongering and loathing towards undocumented immigrants, I began feeling unwanted,
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I've never had access to proper medical care, risk deportation, haven't seen family in ages, can't drive, work, or be a regular teenager. These struggles have caused me to reject victimization and take it into my hands to persevere and succeed in a hostile community. Self-reflection has been crucial to my intellectual development and through it I've formed a strong mentality and unbreakable will. I inhibit no biases, hatred, or ignorance, and promote peace, positivity, and well-being. I've seen how society can treat outsiders and I want to work to prevent more people feeling rejection and alienation like I did. My experiences have led to a deep-rooted passion for human rights and a yearning to improve society by providing everyone with a voice, by showing compassion and positivity; I have become a vehicle for love and progress. I've been exposed to hate, xenophobia, poverty, fear, and a multitude of other experiences; this has carved characteristics and ideals as well as morals in me. These experiences have fostered high amounts of self-growth and awareness, it's caused me to become an activist and a leader, it's caused me to become resilient and driven, it's caused me to embrace grit and develop a necessity to give back to society. I believe the greatest deed is to work …show more content…
I am a global citizen. Witnessing what's happening worldwide and the disparities between my privileges and the horrid conditions sustained in areas such as Aleppo led me to realize my true purposes in life, to become a vehicle for love and progress. It has led me to give my all to be as aware of what's occurring worldwide as I could, spreading love instead of hatred, and building myself into a person that's not only going to excel in athletics but also politics and international relations, a person that will transcend cultures and be a champion for humanity. Due to my new found perspectives, I have wholeheartedly begun conducting myself as a global citizen. Difficulties create leaders and my struggles have incurred in me an obsession with self-growth and development, as well as a craving for a better

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