Graduation Speech : School Education Essay

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Children remember many teachers who stood out as monsters in the educational world. On the other hand, a few teachers became memorable in the eyes of their students because of their dedication and involvement. These teachers achieved their goal of having students enjoy their class while maintaining a proper school education. Involved teachers who portray professionalism and allow student-teacher relationships entice students to openly participate in class. Preschool is usually when children start their public school year. In a Brooklyn preschool, one particular teacher, Ms. Amy, was still engraved in my memory. She was tall with tan skin and dark blonde hair who smiled a lot in a class of twenty. Every morning Ms. Amy greeted the students and asked how our morning was outside the building door while we march into our classroom seats, happily knowing that Ms. Amy cares about us(Ellerbrock, Abbas, Dicicco, Denmon, Sabella & Hart, 2015, p. 48). One day in class, she introduced everyone to a caterpillar she caught and let us view it everyday to see the different cycles of the butterfly. All of the students in class chattered about the butterfly in the end, while Ms. Amy knew we would glued to the progression of the insect. Ms. Amy taught about miniature life cycles and broadened our minds of wonderful events that happened to animals (Bolick, Cooper, & Ryan, 2016, p. 0000). On graduation, Ms. Amy gave me her phone number because I wanted to keep in touch, but sadly I…

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