Graduation Speech : School Assembly Line And The End Of The Line

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Students are taught to raise their hands to speak. students are programmed to sit in rows every day in each classroom. “Schools operate similarly to assembly lines. The school assembly line is segmented into years. Students enter the schools and are sorted by age. Each day during the year students receive instruction on particular subjects and skill sets. Every subject is taught during a fixed time period in the day. Students are then tested on each subject to see if they meet the standards, so they can move along the line. Finally, the students receive their stamp of approval (diploma) at the end of the line.” This is proof that schools were made to train people to work in factories. My whole time in school, especially high school, made me wonder why schools are this way. They do not let you express yourself nearly as much as you should be able to. They are more worried about the clothes you wear than how you are doing in your classes. There should be no more limits on what kids can do to express themselves (as long as it is not anything illegal of course) and they should pay more attention to what children need to stay in school and pass classes rather than what clothes that they wear. Things have not changed and may never change. In school, there are so many expectations that everyone around has for you. It is really a hostile environment filled with competition and demands. Schools are more like prisons and children are still all taught the same thing.
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