Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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Like any other day, my day started with a loud buzzing alarm and parents screaming at the top of their lungs. But today wasn 't like any other day in school. It was June 2, 2025, graduation day for South Miami Sr. High. Already my phone was buzzing from messages from all my closest friends except Chelsea, my best friend at the time. Knowing this wasn 't typical of her, I knew that our friendship was all going to change. That friendship taught me more about Chelsea and also with people who aren 't your friends.
I arrived to school and the last bell had rung, I rushed through the halls, the dreaded staircase trying to make it to class and avoiding security guards that roamed the halls. I finally made it to my math class, as I walked to my seat I noticed Mr.Ramirez being swarmed by students asking for yellow hall passes. I was able to sneaked into class without catching Mr. Ramirez attention that I was already late. Once I arrived to my seat, I was surprised to find Chelsea waiting for me. Chelsea asked me right away if we could go to Mr.Pardo classroom to meet up with the rest of our group.
On our way to Mr. Pardo class, Chelsea blurred out that she could not wait till she graduated to ditch everyone. " What about me?", I responded joking around. Chelsea quickly changed the subject as we approach Mr. Pardo class. Right when we entered the classroom, we heard "Pam, Chelsea, over here!" We both looked and we noticed our group of closest friends: Stephanie, Ana, Lizzette, and…

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