Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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The principal interrupted the slow school day abruptly by her voice beaming through the halls. “All of the class of 2016, please report to the gymnasium NOW!!!” I started rambling with my classmates about the tone of her voice and why we were wanted in the gym. “Excuse me!”, I said as I pushed through the crowd. We sat in the bleachers occasionally glancing at our phones while Mrs. Jones stated, “I am glad to have seen this class improve throughout the years! I want to show you my gratitude by presenting a gift to all of you. Thomas County Central High School hasn’t accomplished this goal since the early 1980’s. The Senior Class of 2016 will have a class portrait!!” We applauded as the photographer was ushered in. Right after the perfect picture was taken Mrs. Parkerson yelled, “If your 18 or older, register to vote in the hallway!” SCREECHhhh! The two gym doors flew open and a tall red headed kid galloped through them panting. He yelled, “DID I MAKE IT?” gasping for air. During my freshman year of high school, I started thinking heavily about the things I would take part in late because I was one of the youngest in my class. I didn’t start learning to drive a motor vehicle until my Sophomore year. Most adolescents begin driving during their Sophomore year, but I had to wait until my Junior year because my birthday is in August. Then, during the moment in the gym I assumed I would miss out on voting in a substantial election. When I arrived home, I began doing research on…

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