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“Hey, Mom?” I questioned, looking for my mom.
“Yeah, honey?” My mom replied back, focusing her attention to my spot on the couch.
“Where did James go? I haven’t seen him in a while.”
“He went to the grocery store. He said he needed some stuff to make his special lasagna.”
“Oh yeah. He said he was going to make that,” I said, placing my attention back to the show I was watching.
It’s been about a week since I took a break from my job. I’ve been spending a majority of my time with James. He took a short break from college, so he could spend some time with me. This was probably one of the rare times this week James and I weren’t together.
A few minutes later, I heard my phone ring. “Hello?” I picked up.
“Officer Wright, this is Chief Danvers and—.”
“Hey, Chief. It hasn’t been that long since my break. Isn’t this a little too soon to have me back?” I interrupted him.
“Yes, well, we have a situation. Most of our field cops are out and there’s a robbery happening at the local Hy-Vee on Bridge Avenue. We already have a few cops there, but we need backup,” Chief explained rather quickly to me.
“Oh geez. Got it, I’m heading out,” I tell him, hanging up the phone.
As I’m driving to the store, it suddenly comes to me that James went to a grocery store. Oh no, no, no. I pray that James isn’t in that store, I thought to myself. Putting my foot on the gas pedal, I hurried off to the store.
Getting out of my car, I rushed over to the store. I spotted a white man wrestling with a black man…

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