Essay on Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Back Stateside “Back stateside.” I was delighted to get this two word text message from my Air Force son one afternoon recently. This statement might not seem like much. But to the family and friends of the sender and to the sender as well it is a message that says, “I’m home, I’m safe, I’ll see you soon.”
Many families give a sigh of relief when they receive that message that their family member has returned from deployment. For some they are home good. They have fulfilled their commitment and are ready to start putting their civilian life back together.
As the veteran tries to settle into their new life many thoughts rush through their minds. Some of the thoughts include where will I find work? Are there any jobs out there for my skills? Do I need to go back to school? And, sometimes - should I start my own business? For the returning veteran this can be overwhelming. For the business that is looking for solid employees this can be rewarding.
So here is where the real story begins. Returning armed services personnel need jobs and some businesses may have needs for this caliber of employees. For some businesses this is the chance to hire well trained, discipline men and women who have proven the ability to serve and to go the extra mile. It is also a way for some of us who can, to say “thank you” to a veteran for giving his or her time to serve and defend our way of life. I have dealt with many service men and women who quickly assimilated into the workforce and…

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