Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay example

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“Did you hear what Rita did to Ethan last night? She’s what we call a whore.” they just kept laughing and laughing, and saying, “She should really kill herself, no one wants a no good dirty whore.” It was happening everywhere I went; people just could get enough about what had happened. I was making me sick, I wanted to so badly go home sick, but I already knew that I couldn’t. Even if I did I would have to deal with this all over again tomorrow. Besides the day 's almost over! I can handle it! As I walked into my second to last class, I realized that I have this class with Ethan, what was I going to do? Should I just try and ignore him? Should I confront him in front of everyone? No, I don’t know I could do that.
“Wow, I can’t even believe Rita came to school after what she has done to poor Ethan, I hear that they have been dating for three years and she pulled something on this on Ethan. She wasn’t a real girlfriend to him after all, huh?” The bell rings, we all sit down.
“Alright, class, it’s almost the end of the school year. That means finals are coming up. I hope you are already because this test is going to either make or break you. Unless you have either an A or B, or didn’t miss three days of this class, or you are Rita, who’s getting an A+ in this class right now, you better study.” All my fellow classmates looked at me like there was something wrong with me being “smart”, well I have all A’s in all of my classes. I don’t even have to try, I am just very…

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