Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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Each year grows gradually easier. She adjusts quite well; she can’t wait to be an upperclassman. With the arrival of hormones to her and her peers she quickly finds her first boyfriend, or three. Being in middle school she knows they mean nothing and quickly remembers why she never saw an interest in boys in the first place: they have cooties. Many of her teachers are impressed with her hard work, determination, and leadership skills. The summer before her eighth grade year she is even chosen to attend an elite camp in representation of her school. She arrives and meets new friends from neighboring towns. In a short week she has learned how to speak publicly and utilize the leadership skills she was born with. By eighth grade her English teacher takes specific liking to her. Before the end of the year, her teacher is even comparing some of her narratives to those in the Composition 105 class. This same year is also the first time she is asked to determine and plan what she will do when she is complete with her schooling. The young teen knows deep down in her heart that she wants to help others. She decides it wouldn’t hurt to make good money either. Despite the years of schooling that she will still have ahead of her, she settles on becoming a physical therapist. She now seems to have a purpose. The young girl has never been filled with so much joy.
Middle school established her “self” through confidence and strength in her own doings. She stayed away from…

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