Essay on Graduation Speech : Online College

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When the subject of enrolling in college to attain a specific degree to enhance my career the choice to either attend a brick and mortar college or an online college was a simple one for me. The convenience of being able to study or do homework whenever is convenient to me, ability to control the pace of my learning so I can fully understand the information, and most importantly the cost of attending a brick and mortar college is far more expensive than attending an online school. These three factors were most important while figuring out my path to higher education.
When looking at the options of continuing my education, the convenience of online college played a major role in deciding. As an adult with a family to take care, the convenience of attending college was a must. Being a foreman on a construction crew I cannot take days off to attend class, I also could not enroll in a night school considering I do not have fixed hours and I never know exactly when I will be off work. Online College solved both of those problems for me. Being able to pull out the laptop after everyone has gone to bed and work on school has been a real blessing. I have also started getting up an hour earlier so I can get a little study time in before I leave for work. Having the option to do these two things has made school work manageable throughout the week.
It has been seventeen years since I graduated high school and going back to school to continue my education was a very scary thought. I was…

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