Graduation Speech On Summer Learning Loss Essay

2204 Words May 19th, 2016 9 Pages
It’s the first day back from summer break. It’s been a long break full of vacations, hanging out with friends, and working. You walk into math class expecting to hear the same rules you just heard three times before. Except, you’re surprised with a pop quiz. The teacher goes on to explain how it’s not for a grade but just to see where everyone is at after the break. It’s should be a review. You’ve learned all of this last school year, but you can’t seem to remember anything. Just last school year, you would have aced it, but the whole quiz looks unfamiliar. Summer learning loss. Every student experiences some form of summer learning loss. Whether it is forgetting material taught from the previous year, or forgetting how to act in a classroom, every student is affected by this. Could switching to a year-round schedule be beneficial to students? Year-round schools will benefit students academically, will make sure the continuity of social behavior and acceptance in a classroom setting, and will help the school districts who accommodate an overpopulated metropolitan area. How much do students really lose over summer break? Summer learning loss affects students greatly, but a year-round schedule helps reduce that problem. Students can lose up to two months in math alone, which deteriorates their academic success causing regression in the classroom. Students lose more in concrete ideas like math facts and spelling, rather than conceptual ideas (Huebner 83). Teachers…

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