Essay about Graduation Speech On Race And Disability

990 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
When I first learned that I would have to complete multiple IAT tests, I automatically had an idea of what I thought my scores were going to be for each test. For all of the tests, I assumed that I would receive a score of moderate preference. I especially assumed that I would receive a score of moderate preference on the Race IAT test because that was the score that I had received when I took the same test last year. Turns out, I received a moderate preference score on the Gender- Career and Age IAT tests, and a strong preference score on the Race, and Disability IAT tests. I think when I first found out that I had received a score of strong preference on the Race and Disability IAT tests I was at first very shocked and confused about how I had received a strong preference score because I truly in my heart did not believe that I had a strong preference towards race or disability. Then I started to really analyze and ask myself why I would receive a strong preference score towards race and disability and after some deep thinking, I came up with some conclusions, and had a “wow that makes total sense” moment. In general, although I did not initially agree with the all of my test results, they do indeed make sense, and now I agree with all of them. I think one of the most important things that I learned from my IAT scores was that even though I am very friendly towards everybody, and like to consider myself to be a very open minded, and a nonjudgmental person, I still…

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