Graduation Speech On Physics Of The Classroom Essay

762 Words Nov 12th, 2016 4 Pages
The nerves in my legs were shackling at every moment I saw the teacher walk by me in the classroom. I could feel my breath getting heavier and heavier. I looked up and the teacher said “Everyone focus on your test paper or it will not be marked”, then proceeded to write my test. All the answers were written on my hand and my eraser. Two weeks earlier before this dreaded moment, I was locked up in my room playing the latest Call of Duty Black Ops game with my friends on my brand new Play Station 3. All of them were excited and I couldn’t wait to come home every day after school and play online with them, because we all raced to get the most kills and were very competitive in reaching our goals. I did have a major final exam on physics to study for but I figured I could study the week before and I would be set to pass the class. Therefore, Jacob, Ben and Thomas and I discussed on strategies to beat other teams online. So the habit begun, while everyone else studied in the library, I tried to get as many kills as I could to unlock special weapons I could use as a competitive advantage against other teams online and on my friends. I tried my best to study but every week there was a new update, so I decided the last 2 days I would dedicate them to studying on my final. However, my friends made an offer I certainly could not refuse in those last 2 days which was to see the latest Iron Man movie and since I am a fan of marvel movies I would have to go. The next day we went to the…

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