Graduation Speech : My Schooling Essay

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My schooling began when I was about 3-years-old in my country – Jamaica. It was called “basic school” that is the equivalent of kindergarten. There I learned letter sounds in the alphabet, writing the letters and simple mathematics. The building was one large room, with seating that resembled parks tables with the benches attached. The seating capacity for one bench was four. If, the classroom was over crowned six students was put together. My home was close to the school, so I walked to school every morning. At lunch time, I would go home for lunch. I did not like the schools cooking. Most times the menu was chicken with bulgur rice, which I hated. It made me sick; I was also intolerant of the smell of it. I moved on to first grade at an All-Age school or elementary school (the American term) when I was five years old. My mother sent me there one year early, as I was supposed to start at the age of 6. The classroom had a large space, and there were a lot of students with two teachers. A regular school practice is team teaching so, eventually the class of student was split in half, one group for each teacher. A wall of chalkboards was added to divide the classroom space. The other student like to play especially when the teacher was out of class for a while. It distracted everyone, but I was a reserved student and well behaved. The teacher did not give me much attention, and that was understandable in a classroom of about 80 to 90 students. I did not…

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