Graduation Speech : My Life Essay

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Have you ever heard an old saying before in your life that has stuck with you throughout the years? Well, I have the saying that I heard before is “when life gives you lemons you make lemonade” I can relate to this quote because I had a difficult time growing up without a father. This saying has stuck with me since my grandfather told me since I was a little kid. I had put this saying into my daily life ever since. There are a few reasons why this saying had stuck with me throughout the years. The first reason that this saying had stuck with me is growing up with without a father and watching all the other boys in the neighborhood playing sports and working on the family car’s with their dad and also losing my favorite grandfather that taught me this life lesson. The second reason is watching both my mom and sister in and out of the hospital at a young age and having to put aside what I want to do for myself. The third reason is starting college knowing how academically hard it will be for me
Growing up fatherless is a hard task for any kid to go through but being a boy without a father is even harder to go through. All of the kids in my area had a father except me. I use to be upset every day growing up wishing that I had a father living in my house with me. The reason that I wanted this is because growing up I use to hear all the cool stories of how the other boy’s dads taught them how to fix the family car or their dad is the coach for their little league baseball…

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