Graduation Speech : My Life After Olivet Essay

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As I prepare to graduate, I need to think of life after Olivet. This can be challenging because there are so many areas that interest me in psychology. One thing I am sure of is I want to go to graduate school. During my time as an undergrad, I have taken courses that will help clarify what my interests are and sharpen my skills in those areas of interests. As of now, there are a few options I am considering pursuing. Two of those careers are an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (19-3032.00) and a Psychology teacher (25-1066.00). Psychology is a passion I have. I would love to share this passion with others through teaching. While I would be just as happy to teach high school students as college students, most high schools only offer one section of psychology and it is taught by a history teacher. The information I learned about psychology teachers was specifically about psychology teachers in a postsecondary setting.
The job outlook is bright, with a predicted 14% increase. 15,800 jobs are expected to be open in the next ten years. While working as a psychology professor I would earn around $70,260 while doing activities such as obtaining information, interpreting the meaning of this information, and then using it to develop others. This information will also be used for work activities like fostering discussion among students, testing students and keeping record of their scores, and developing material. There are also tasks involved. Tasks can include preparation…

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