Graduation Speech : My First Year Essay

833 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
This year was my first year taking a real college class and it was nothing like high school. I took APUSH last year, and it was just as hard as the real college classes. However, in APUSH we had way more test, homework, quizzes, etc. I learned that in college, you only go for a couple of days and you only get a couple of tests, which means you have to score high on each one of them if you want to pass the class. I deserve at least a low A in Composition 1101 , because of my hard work, im a MOWR student and my GPA.

I deserve an A because of my all hard work throughout the course. This semester I took 12 credit hours and it was not easy keeping up with all my assignments but I did. In my composition 1101 class, we had all these essays and to be honest English has never been my subject. However, I never made a C on my essays in high school… I never made a c on anything really.So, this class was a wake- up call for me because it made me realize that if i wanted to pass i had to work for it. I know now that college is different than high school and students are required to work hard, keep up, and learn as much as they can. I honestly believe I have done all these things with the little time I have been with you in composition 1101. Although my essay grades didn 't improve through the course, I feel like I grew as a writer, because I have learned from your feedback and even if I 'm not making the same mistakes as i was at the beginning im still making some and ever time I…

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