Graduation Speech : My Family Essay

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My mom has always say “ If you really want something you have to work for it and you will get it.” I would never actually believed that because I would always do what I have to do but never get what I want half of the times. I have always say “I don 't care that I don 't get anything I want right now but I hope to celebrate my quince (sweet fifthteen).” A few months before I turned 15 my mom told me I was going to be able to celebrate my quince. I got so happy and give her a big hug. Now, I’ve learn that the things she been saying was true.
It was june 27,2015 in the summer. The day I had been waiting for years, and it 's finally here. The day I always dreamed about since I was a little girl. Me and my family went to sleep early last night because we had to wake up early to get stuff ready. It was a beautiful day to get the day started. I woke up early with my family hoping everything would come out just as I planned.
I woke up around 5:30 in the morning. My family were awake already . They were getting all the decorations ready and cook food. Some of my family members were already at El Patron (the place of the party) decorating it, so it would be ready by 3:00p.m. and still have time get ready themselves. My aunt said to me, “ It 's your big day, do you want anything to eat before you get your day started?” I said “ Yes please, can you bring me to dunkins to get breakfast?” She replied “ Yes, of course.” My aunt and I went to dunkins around 6:30, and order some food and…

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