Graduation Speech : My Best Friend Essay

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In six grade kids are very mean, very blunt and honest about everything and say exactly whats on their mind. Me and my best friend Khalil actually meet and became friends in the six grade and after 8 years we still are. When we first meet we didn 't get along nor considered one another as friends, we budded heads very often, only after we were the only two kids in class left without partner for a social studies fair project we put aside our differences and worked together and did well on our project and became very good friend.

We first met each other at Pesson elementary where we both attended our sixth graded year. I had attended there since my fourth grade year but he was a new student coming from North Lewis st. elementary. My first impression of him was that he was a little weird and a bit antisocial. He had cornroll (braids) in his hair, a big forehead and a huge gap in his two front teeth. As i said before kids in the sixth grade, well in elementary school period are very mean and the kids teases him and picked on him about every little thing about himself. I am guilty and can admit that I teased and picked on him even though I knew it was wrong. This went on for the first few weeks of the new school year.

Teasing and picking on the new kid was all fun and games until i noticed that he started retaliating back but he was the one constantly getting in trouble for it and it was not fun anymore. He also cracked back jokes ay other kids in the class and i noticed he…

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