Essay about Graduation Speech : High School

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University is very intimidating for many first year students in comparison to high school. The classes are more difficult and taught in a quicker pace. With such a drastic change it is very important that students choose the best path that will help them truly do well in their classes. First year students who take a mathematics class at a university are more likely to understand the concepts of the course better than students who take the class online.

Math is a subject that is very hard to grasp for many students and needs individuals to really take the time and effort to practice as much as possible. Professors in university make great attempts to make the transition from high school to university as painless and possible by helping the students to their best abilities. With online math courses, there is not as much guidance and supports given to students as they learn the course. It is true that an individual can hire a tutor for help, but a tutor is not as experienced as a teacher who specializes in that specific type of math. In addition, instructors also provide office hours and methods to contact them outside of class for students who are in need of more one-on-one teaching to understand the material of the class. In person interactions with the professor can really help a student achieve a great understanding of the material because it gives students the opportunity to ask questions and work on problems with the teacher.

For students who are taking a math course…

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