Graduation Speech : High School Essay

1897 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Students think about their life after high school all the time. The idea of not furthering a person’s education and going to work right after high school has hit an all time high. Students in recent years are finding that they can easily find a job right out of high school. They find that the process becomes much easier, if they can finish their education right as their high school diploma touches their hand. Students do not want to continue the same process of waking up, going to school, then learning more material, like they had in the past thirteen years. This does not mean that students should stop their education just because they lack the drive to finish. Students should further their education in college because, it creates better job opportunities, as well as making it easier to provide for a family, and the university will support the student as they pursue their career.
Students should further their learning because having a college education is a requirement for a lot of job opportunities. Once a student applies for jobs, the company considers them for everything they do within their life, like having a college education. When employers look at potential employees, they consider the education they acquire throughout the years. Jeff McGuire, author of “Importance of College Education,” backs this claim with what he states. He writes, “The more connections which are collected during your college career, the more options you will have when you begin your job search.…

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