Essay on Graduation Speech : High School

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One of the best experiences in life is going through the formative years during the high school stage. There are a lot of fond and memorable times during high school that one wishes this stage could last forever. One of the things that make this phase such a remarkable time in one 's life is the sweet times that one experiences with their high school sweetheart. That is why it becomes quite a challenge for high school graduates to keep their relationships going when they get admitted to college. The college life brings a reality that a person and their loved one are highly unlikely to attend the same college and, in most cases, they will be separated by getting admitted to far flung institutions. This research paper will make arguments that show why it is very hard for high school relationships to last after entering college.
The obvious factor that undermines relationships after high school is distance. As already mentioned, chances are that a person and their loved one will secure college admissions in different locations that are likely to be geographically apart from each other (Orenstein). This makes it hard for the relationship to carry on due to the distance that makes it impossible for the couple to see each other regularly and enjoy each other 's company. It also makes it hard to keep in touch with the long distance lover since it means one of the couple will be required to make the long journey every once in a while. The logistical nightmare that it presents makes…

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