Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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In the eyes of many high school students, going through the high school period may be thought of as a tedious process. From my experience, high school was a point in my life that gave me the basic building blocks for being a responsible and hardworking student. However, high school very much differ from college because during the process of transitioning, many individuals fail to make the leap of effort in order to survive and accomplish their goals. College is where pupils gain a sense of responsibility, independence, and structure. Whereas as high school, all the information is feeded and handed to students on a silver platter. Teachers are more prone to guiding their students and overseeing all their mistakes while taking the blame for their failures in class. College is a place that gives each and every student the chance to branch out, discover, and create their own path in life. All in all, high school and college are like day and night. Each focuses on a different part of a student’s life and prepares them for different situations that may arise in their lifetime.

Transitioning into college is a huge stepping stone for high schoolers. Having to endure the stress of taking control of their own lives is finally starting to set in. The thought of not having teachers at their leisure is just mind boggling. For example some may say” How will I know If I’m passing or failing my class If the professor never meets with me.” “ Why doesn’t my professor give me one on one…

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